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Division of Fundamental Nursing

The department of fundamental nursing provides students with education relating to anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and microbiology, as well as an introduction to basic nursing and its methodology, in addition to training in physical assessment risk management and administration of clinics and nursing homes. The department also seeks to implement the pedagogical art of nursing to inculcate the necessities of professional nursing. Our mission is to help students develop clinical judgment and/or practical skills required for efficient nursing. In addition, we provide advanced practice nursing course (Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care Nursing and Nurses Pertaining to Specified Medical Acts).
The primary motive behind our divisional research is to contribute to the clinical safety standards, while providing well-trained personnel to clinics and other medical environュ ments. Our research themes include the following: impart methodologies for clinical safety and preventing medical accidents; teach the art of fundamental nursing effectively; develop a practical skill, provide continuous education, human resource, and career development; improve the policy for nursing; ensure team medical care; supplement the basic study of wounds and diseases, their causes, preventions as well as knowledge on limiting the adversities experienced during cancer therapy or lifestyle diseases.

Division of Clinical Nursing

Clinical Nursing was comprised of 4 sectors, Adults and Gerontological Nursing (Acute care), Adults and Gerontological Nursing (Chronic care), Child Health Nursing and Maternity Nursing, and Psychiatric nursing. Adults and Gerontological Nursing (Acute care) In division of acute nursing care for adults and elderly people, we conduct education and research on acute care and home care for medical technology-dependent patients and their faroily. In the fields of adult and gerontological nursing (chronic phase), as nursing for the elderly, we are working on practical research on self-determination assistance for the elderly and rehabilitation assistance, as well as research into cancer care as part of end-of-life phase nursing and assistance in improving QOL of people suffering from chronic illnesses. Child Health Nursing and Maternity Nursing In Child Health Nursing, we are promoting education and research in the theme of nursing care for children with neuroses or psychosomatic disorders and their family members. The Maternity Nursing will develop a concrete nursing actions for maintaining and promoting women's'health throughout their life. Psychiatric nursing In psychiatric nursing, we are promoting education and research in 1) the understanding of impairment, disability and handicaps by mental disorders by learning the system to deal with those patients, and 2) intervention to both patients and supporters with mental and/or psychological disorders.

Division of Community Health and Home Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing was comprised of two section, Public Health Nursing and Home Health Nursing.
In division of the Public Health Nursing, we conduct education and research on the nursing to support all people's health and improve the Quality of Life. The objects of nursing are contained sick person and not only disability person but healthy person.
Home Visiting Nursing provides nursing service with people of all ages, from baby to the elderly at each home.
We have promoted education with research and training for best practice as a visiting nurse